Science in the Parks


Science in the Parks is an interactive outreach program designed for children of all ages, especially preschool through middle school, as well as their families. The free program will visit four parks this summer in the Ogden area, in conjunction with Ogden School District’s free summer lunch program. Each week we visit a different park, and each day of the week we present a different collection of interactive, playful, and fun science activities.


Typically, we coordinate our summer “tour” to Ogden City parks in coordination with Ogden School District’s lunch program and our Arts in the Parks partners. We post that schedule on our blog and spread the word through social media and other outlets. Other news, updates, and resources are posted on our blog, too.

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We’re grateful to a long list of supporters both within and beyond Weber State University, devoted staff and volunteers, and especially all of the children and families who come to play.

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