Call for volunteers

Science in the Parks has a few elves in the background, working hard to put air in tires of the trailer, make sure we have enough string, develop new activities, and just generally make sure we’re organized and ready. That’s a small part of what we need, though. We need volunteers to make this program really run, and we can never have too many.

Essentially, we need people who are willing to play with fun, hands-on activities, and if you let kids and families play alongside that’s even better. We do not want people to lecture about scientific principles, but learn about new things through new experiences at the same time that a 7-year-old might be doing the same thing. Oh, and once in a while we need people who can help kids tie knots or launch rockets. But, essentially, it’s all a big playground of science, and we want you to take part.

The experience is especially valuable to people who are at Weber State, maybe pre-med students looking for volunteer hours or preservice teachers working on projects and looking for ideas for their own future classrooms. We also welcome people who are just wanting to escape work and go outside in the park during their lunch hour.

Our schedule for the summer is advertised, and you can take a look to see a little more about where we’re headed in the Ogden area. Then, as you organize your summer schedule and know when you can help out, fill out this form so that we know when to plan on you. (This also helps us to document your hours that you’ve been involved.)

The form is copied here, too, so you can just scroll through this window as well. Have questions or special considerations? Just email Adam.


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