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ice melting

We’ve done a few investigations just watching ice melt. By taking some video and speeding it up, you get to see the whole process in just a few seconds.

yard aliens

When we’re in the parks, we often find that there are great critters to look at hiding in the grass or in the bark of trees. It’s great that on See It! days we have lenses and microscopes to see these crawling things up close. Lately, since we’re not in parks, I’ve been paying more…

sunshine spots

It was a nice morning, and I thought it would be a good choice for me to sit in my backyard and read a book. But it’s easy for me to get distracted, and soon I was really interested in a spot of light that was on my chair: I wondered what made this spot…

jello optics

Some science investigations are especially fun to do at home. Playing with light and playing with jello are each great activities for indoors. This investigation prompt puts these two things together. Here’s a video that Adam made himself, in his own home, with no fancy lab or equipment — the kind of setting we that…

Grab-and-Go Science Kits

Today we are going to try a grab-and-go science kit as part of a small demonstration for a local group of kids. Below are instruction videos to use the experiments provided in those kits. Each kit should include: 10 UV beads 1 film canister 2 alka seltzer packets 2 helicopter templates 2 paper clips Instructions: