We’ve wound down another summer tour, and as things are being scrubbed, parked, and shelved, I’m reminded that this isn’t only about the kids who come to the program. It’s also about the people who work and volunteer here. Many of the people who host science each summer are working on degrees, and many of them go on to graduate and continue with careers working in engineering, as doctors, as teachers (my favorite), or even continuing on to be professors.

I was reminded of this when I got this bulletin about Anahy Salcedo and her work at the University of Utah. Not only is she an amazing human and a former volunteer with Weber’s Science in the Parks program, she took this idea and developed it for her work at the University of Utah. She and her work are profiled here and you should take a quick look at all she’s doing.

It’s exciting to see the good vibes of accessible and playful science spreading into your homes, some classrooms, and even other programs. Besides learning about science and teaching in this program, I’ve learned a lot about the potential individuals have to make a difference. People like Anahy, as well as our current staff (Amanda G., Amanda O., Melodie, and Liz) and all our volunteers are great examples of this. I’m grateful.

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