introducing the hot chocolate effect and #randomactofscience

These are weird, difficult times in all ways. People are stuck at home, schools’ doors are closed, and our summer is uncertain. For Science in the Parks, we’re trying to figure out what the immediate future holds and how we can support playful, authentic science in our community. We’ll post updates here about what our 2020… Continue reading introducing the hot chocolate effect and #randomactofscience


We’ve wound down another summer tour, and as things are being scrubbed, parked, and shelved, I’m reminded that this isn’t only about the kids who come to the program. It’s also about the people who work and volunteer here. Many of the people who host science each summer are working on degrees, and many of… Continue reading graduates

playing in the dirt

As I was walking through the scene at the park today, I overheard a mom telling her kids, “You could go play in the dirt over there.” I made an internal note of that. When and where else do you hear a mom telling her kids to go play in the dirt? In this case,… Continue reading playing in the dirt

eclipse science

Keep reading to understand more about eclipses and how to view them, but at the very end of this post is the punchline: We’ll have some solar viewing glasses to give out to Science in the Parks participants, each Monday (“See it!” day) of our tour.

back to school

Summer came and went, and now we’re all back in school. Some of our staff are starting their very first days as new teachers — and you’re all very lucky to have these people in your communities and working with your children for the long term. As for me, the director, I get to think… Continue reading back to school