Earthquakes and phonebooks #randomactofscience

Sometimes you get to try a science experiment at home by collecting different household items, putting them together in unique ways and watching science happen (Check out the hot chocolate experiment for more details). Sometimes science takes you by surprise, all you have to do is sit there and watch it happen. This morning the Wasatch front felt a magnitude 4.2 earthquake, which was yet another aftershock related to a larger earthquake that occurred a couple of weeks ago. Tens of thousands of people were able to experience science by just sitting on their couch at home. In this #randomactofscience episode, Amanda explains the different forces that can cause an earthquake.

Use the different forces that can create an earthquake to rip a phonebook in half

Can you tell which one of the three forces caused the earthquake in Magna? Take a look at the Utah Geologic Survey information page to look at the details and try to figure out if compression, tension, or shear forces caused the earthquake!

Can you use the three forces to rip a phone book in half? Give it a try and tag us with #randomactofscience.

Time to practice! Today is the Great Utah Shakeout! At 10:15 am, be sure to practice your Drop! Cover! Hold! Stock up on your 72 hour kit (look for a phone book while you’re at it!). Make sure to talk to your family about an emergency plan.

Stay tuned for more #randomactsofscience!


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