Summer 2020

Normally about this time of year that we start to advertise our annual “summer tour.” But this isn’t a “normal” year by any stretch of the imagination.

As you can surely appreciate, we’ve made the decision, along with Arts in the Parks, to provide alternative programming for the summer. Instead of planning a tour to visit hundreds of you congregating in our local neighborhood parks, we’ll come up with things we can share for you to do at home. We’ve already started to post some examples on our blog within the “at home” category, and we’ve established this page where we’ll highlight some of our favorite resources. If you subscribe to our blog, here, via email, you’ll get our latest ideas delivered straight to your inbox. We’ll also share things on Facebook and Instagram where it makes sense, though the blog is where you’ll get everything reliably.

So, that’s the news and the information you need. We want to stay connected, and whenever we can find ways to bring science to you we’ll make it happen. In a strange way, we’re excited that this change for 2020 makes it possible for us to try new things and expand some of our resources. Look out for some surprises. (I’m really looking forward to a post soon that involves Jello and lasers.) We may be looking for your input, too — and ideas are welcome.

I’ve seen this program bring so many people together over the years, in our communities and in my students and beyond. It’s heartbreaking to see us getting disconnected, but we wish everyone well: stay safe and take care of yourselves and one another. And, do some science. There are bubbles from dish detergent yet to be popped, dandelions that are being graced by honeybees, thunderstorms that will roar and wash out our gutters, stars to be stared at . . . We hope you take it all in and find some solace in the natural world that you can experience along with your families.

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