Summer 2021 Non-parks Tour Schedule

As you can imagine, things are still weird and schedules for so many events and programs are in flux. As a result, Ogden school lunches are only being served at schools but NOT at Ogden parks this summer. That’s tough for a “parks” program, but we’re adapting.

This summer, we’re offering “grab and go” science kits along with lunches served by Ogden School District during the following weeks:

  • June 21-25
  • July 12-16
  • (Lunches aren’t served in August, but if we can work out another opportunity for kits we’ll advertise it here.)

We’ll work with the lunch programs to provide a number of kits that matches the number of individual children served during a typical week at each site. The Ogden School District lists their lunch sites and information here both in English and in Spanish. Each site will have the same kits, and there will be about as many kits each as each site typically serves on their busiest day. This means that a lot of the kits will get distributed early in the week, we think, but this is the best way we know to get science out to as many kids across Ogden as possible.

Coincidentally, each Saturday of those weeks you can also attend “Science Saturday” sponsored by Weber State’s Ott Planetarium. Our kits will tie into the themes being planned by our friends at the planetarium. See more details here about Science Saturdays on Weber State’s Ogden campus from Noon to 5:00 on these Saturdays: June 26, July 17, and August 14.

We’ll keep working to provide resources and answer questions. And, we’ll look forward to more programing and events in the future. Thanks for being understanding and patient with us this summer!

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