Summer 2021 Non-parks Tour Schedule

As you can imagine, things are still weird and schedules for so many events and programs are in flux. As a result, Ogden school lunches are only being served at schools but NOT at Ogden parks this summer. That’s tough for a “parks” program, but we’re adapting. This summer, we’re offering “grab and go” science… Continue reading Summer 2021 Non-parks Tour Schedule

Holiday Demo

Today we’re off, since it’s Independence Day and people are out at parades and barbecues, and since Ogden School District’s lunch program also takes the day off for the holiday. But since we miss all of you, and since we’ve been scattered in our posting lately, here’s a bonus 4th of July edition activity you… Continue reading Holiday Demo

Day 1

The first day of Science in the Parks is celebratory. I think for many of us it signifies a start to our summer season, and of course it’s a public launch of the program. It’s almost always sunny and even as we feel a little less organized than we will next week (we forgot tape… Continue reading Day 1

spinning and balancing

This is one of my favorite photos, taken a few years ago during Science in the Parks, even though there’s nothing especially fancy about what’s captured here. It’s just a bunch of spinning gyroscopes, an outreached hand to grab one of them. Maybe we take it for granted that these spinning objects seem to defy… Continue reading spinning and balancing

Bubble Making

  One feature of Science in the Parks that’s unique is how we have to make things in large volume and in a manner that’s as interactive as possible. So, we have entire tables covered with lenses and sounds that get propagated in long drain pipes; we build towers that are taller than everyone in… Continue reading Bubble Making